Silent Knight - Features & Details


Silent Knight Sweepers are built to perform, with your job in mind.
In addition to superior quality of design and featured amenities, customizations,
such as Optional Water System features, expand your capabilities to help you deliver excellence in service.


More Stainless--Less Rust and Corrosion!



Stainless Steel Hopper Inspection Door, Access Door and Rear Drop Down Door


Sturdy and Reliable: Designed to Do the Job!
Luxurious Interior
Convenient Sweeper Controls
Heavy duty head and drag support arms.
Head extensions to keep
light debris contained.
Easily accessible hydraulic
adjustments and gauges.

The stainless steel blower housing
is abrasion resistance.
Replaceable blower liner. Easy
access to the belts, bearings and blower.
Poly or Steel
Gutter Broom
Electrical Connections
2-stage head

Access Door
Easy Lift Handles
90 Degree Dumping Angle - 69" Dumping Height facilitates standard-sized dumpsters!
Two 3,000 PSI Hopper Dumper Cylinders with Stainless Steel Door

Single Piece, Sturdy, Wear-Resistant Tilt Frame

Optional 95 Gallon Water System


Side View
Front View



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